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Covid Protocols - updated Feb 2022

Having noted the feelings and suggestions of choir members and with regard to the current situation, we have prepared the following guidelines for rehearsals as a duty of care to our members.

We hope these guidelines do not sound too onerous and would ask you to kindly follow them for your own personal safety and for the protection of others. The guidelines will be reviewed on a regular basis. You have the option to wear a mask throughout rehearsals or to sit separately from the choir if you prefer.






Ø  Please inform us if you test positive or are aware of being in close contact with a case

Ø  We recommend that all choir members are fully vaccinated

Ø  We ask that all members take a lateral flow test  no more than 36 hours prior to      rehearsals

Ø  The venue will be ventilated which may involve leaving doors and/or windows open - please dress with this in mind

Ø  Please bring a mask with you and wear it when moving around inside the building

Ø  Please bring hand-sanitiser for personal use on arrival at rehearsal

Ø  Please bring your own copies of the music required and refrain from sharing copies

Ø  Please do not arrive at church before 6.50pm and maintain social distancing wherever and whenever possible

Ø  Please enter through vestry and go straight into the church and take your seat. Please allow a reasonable space between yourself and your neighbour. We will no longer direct singers to specific seats. Do feel free to move if you are at all uncomfortable with your seating arrangement. We pride ourselves on being a very friendly and understanding group so no-one should feel offended or embarrassed by an individual's social distancing


During the rehearsal

Ø  The register will be taken with everyone seated

Ø  Where possible please remain seated throughout the rehearsal

Ø  Please bring your own refreshments.

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